Boxer Spotlight November 2017:

Our Boxer Spotlight this month is Lori Smith​. Her testimonial lands exactly one year from receiving her Gloves and starting with us. Happy Anniversary Lights Out Lori!! Read what she has to say about her year at RSB Rochester

***I’m am a Boxer! I never imagined I would ever say those words. I am approaching 60 yrs old, have 2 grandchildren and never played a sport in my life (does marching band count?). My Parkinson’s symptoms began 8 years ago. The official PD diagnosis came over 3 years ago. It was then that I began an all out search for effective ways to fight this progressive disease. My husband and I heard about Rock Steady Boxing through media reports. It gave hope to Parkinson’s patients by lessening or slowing the progression of the disease. We hoped it would come to the Rochester area soon. Eventually, we were thrilled to hear that the dynamic duo of professional trainers, Lindsay and Jennifer would launch Fighting Chance RSB. That was 1 year ago. Today was my 1st Anniversary (no party or cake) of becoming a boxer. I am thrilled about the changes RSB has made in my life. Through Boxing, Cognitive, Core and Aerobic exercise, I have enjoyed some measurable victories. I can sit on the floor and play with grandchildren and get back up without assistance. Gained confidence when out in public Learned to fall safely I now can get in and out of a car without assistance. My hand dexterity has improved Gained more Independence in everyday home tasks I must add that the socialization that RSB provides has been great for me as well. Additionally, my husband and I have gained many new and valuable friendships. Jennifer & Lindsay are kind, enthusiastic, motivating and wonderfully helpful. We greatly appreciate how creative and energetic they are. Going to RSB twice a week gives me something positive to look forward to. Training and boxing are now the highlights of my week. I can even do a plank! Did I mention….I am a Boxer!

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