Decembers Boxer Spotlight is Jim Frenck.
With hard work and consistency since our opening last year, Jim is one of our first Boxers to get 100 classes under his belt. We are so proud to have Jim on our team.

This is what Jim has to say about his Experience with Rock Steady Boxing Rochester

“I have been a regular participant in the Rock Steady Boxing program for over a year. Each hour-long session is designed to specifically combat the effects of my Parkinson’s disease. Not only has it stopped the progression of the disease, I’m in the best overall physical shape I’ve been in years.
Under the direction of the highly skilled trainers, Jennifer and Lindsay, participants are guided through activities at the appropriate level of difficulty. Each hour-long session integrates strength and endurance activities. No two of Lindsay and Jen’s sessions are the same and they maintain a high level of engagement by providing interesting routines.
Above all, the sessions are positive, constructive, and upbeat. An atmosphere of mutual support and camaraderie is maintained throughout and participants are pleased to see one another.
While the Rock Steady Boxing program is intended specifically for those with Parkinson’s disease, anyone seeking fitness could benefit by participating in one of the other training programs offered by Jennifer and Lindsay.”

Jim Frenck B.A. M.A Ed.D.

photo credits : Chuck Schlegel​

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