Time to ring in the New Year with a gift to yourself.

The gift of health and fitness.

Maybe you have tried and tried in the past to achieve your fitness goals and gave up before you got where you wanted to be.  What if this year things could finally be different?  It’s been proven that working with a personal trainer has so many benefits and here are a few to help you empower yourself to take the next step.  Just Imagine having that extra push to help you get to the top: Once and for all.

Injury Prevention: A big reason that many people give up on an exercise program is injury.  We see it so often in the new year when people are joining large group classes and exercising at home with little to no guidance.  While we encourage ALL types of fitness and exercise, we also suggest that encourage you are to be very careful and make sure that you understand proper form and technique.  Working with a personal trainer can give you the tools that you need to be successful while keeping you training for the long term.  

 Goal specific programs: Often people exercise and still come out feeling like they are spinning their wheels. Based on your own personal goals, we can create a program specifically for you and help you to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.  We also track your results and change up your programs as your goals change.

Accountability:  If I have heard it once I have heard it a million times.  I just ran out of time or I forgot my shoes or I’ll just do it tomorrow or or or.  Sound familiar?  Having an appointment and paying the dinero will make you much more likely to committ to your session.  

A plan will set you free:  How many times have you wandered around the gym, awkwardly looking at equipment that you don’t really know how to use?  Only to eventually end up on the treadmill and doing a few crunches then leaving feeling a little underwhelmed and dissatisfied?  A personal trainer will save you time by writing your plan for you and showing you how to execute it properly. And you know what they say about time and money!!!

Tips:  Our goal as personal trainers at Fighting Chance Rochester is to make you work harder than you think you can while teaching you proper form and technique.  Our hope is for you to keep training with us even after all that we teach you because you work harder with us than you would on your own, it’s just human nature.  


Contact us today to set up you assessment www.fightingchancerochester.com



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